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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MindMapper UK?

MindMapper UK - is a digital platform that connects you to hundreds of existing self-help resources including podcasts, videos, articles, and more, that have been tried and approved by young adults for improving your mental health. We also provide mental wellness-based content, a global online community, and peer-support coaching to people who want to live a life full of purpose, service and progress. 


Is MindMapper a therapy/counselling service? 

No. Mindmapper is not a therapy or counselling service, nor is it an urgent care support line. We are matchmakers. We help you find mental health support that suits you. We do not claim to solve your mental health problems but we do ensure to make accessing mental health support easier.


Who is behind MindMapper?

MindMapper was founded by Meg Zeenat Wamithi and Damian Zabielski. Meg is a multi-award winning mental health campaigner and consultant and Damian is a leading youth strategy consultant for local governments. Inspired by their own challenges with mental illness when they were teenagers, the two set out on a quest to find out how to make mental health for young adults simpler. Together, they have worked with over 30 different organisations ranging from corporates, universities, schools and governments and they have supported over 40,000 young people across the UK. 


To be honest, MindMapper started off the back of watching Big Hero 6. What if you could create the ultimate life companion for your mental health that is accessible from the palm of your hands? So, this mission begins. 


Who is providing your MindMapper service? 

Your MindMapper services are provided by My Mind Matters Too Ltd, which is also the data controller responsible for your information when you use our services. The My Mind Matters Too team is made up of 11 young people from the United Kingdom, the United States and New Zealand. 


How does MindMapper Work? 

MindMapper connects you to self-help resources in a quick, easy and personalised way. Currently, we can connect you to self-help resources based on your style of learning and your available schedule. As we update our library of resources, we share these updates as well as the best articles and breakthroughs around mental health in our free bi-weekly newsletter. You can join our online community and take advantage of virtual meet-ups, members-only blog, and MindBuddy for just £5 a month (cheaper and more fulfilling than a KFC Zinger Burger).


Do you offer any services to organisations?
Yes, we do. We offer bespoke workshops, events, research and consulting to companies. We’ve already worked with 11 Educational Institutions and 18 Organisations. Get in touch if you would like to find out more. 


Do I need to be a member to benefit from MindMapper?

No you don’t. We can connect you with personalised self-help resources for free using our quick screening form. That’s already crazy valuable. But the membership is an affordable way to put what you learn into practice by connecting with a global community of curious young minds, accessing exclusive discounts just for members on mental wellness and mindfulness resources, and growing your curiosity during our online events.


Staying safe on MindMapper 

Keeping you safe on MindMapper matters to us. If you are in a crisis, please refer to our Urgent Support page which will signpost you to relevant services you can turn to for immediate support. 


Minimum age to use MindMapper

  • You must be at least 16 years old to register for and use MindMapper.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to buy and use a MindMapper membership 


  • Please do not register an account with fake information. It violates our terms of use and only makes life more difficult for the both of us.

  • Please do not register an account on behalf of someone who is underage. We currently do not have the appropriate measures in place to make sure we can keep your young person safe.

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