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Being a young adult in the 21st century is tough.

And going at it on our own is only making life more difficult for ourselves.   


The MindMapper Community is a place for practical, inspiring and meaningful conversations - to learn, grow and challenge our mental health. We don't care about titles or job roles but characters and interests. Our community is for curious minds, self-learners, change-makers and lifelong explorers who want to understand how to live a life full of meaning and purpose without costing your mental health. 


Becoming a member is also a way to support all the work that goes into researching and creating hundreds of content, events, courses. A way of maintaining such a large database of content and the worlds largest library of mental health support. 


Your contribution helps make MindMapper UK a sustainable platform and ensures that every young person can access mental health support whenever and wherever they need. 


Join a community for

mentally healthier minds

A monthly membership costs less then a KFC Zinger Burger (£5.09)

And, it's more fulfilling

To make the community as inclusive and valuable as possible, we will only be welcoming 25 people to start off with. If we exceed 25 then we will put you on the waiting list.    


£5/ Monthly

Mind Buddy

Online community 

Members-only blog

Special offers

Virtual meetups 


£50/ Year

Everything in the monthly membership


Get 20% off

Get access to our yearly reports

Support long-term projects 

All memberships include the following treats:

  • Mind Buddy. Make new friends online and learn from each other’s experiences. Every six weeks we will match you up with your very own Mind Buddy. Using the information you give us you will be paired with someone from the community that matches your profile.

  • Virtual meetups. Fun, inspiration and thought-provoking virtual monthly meet-ups about finding purpose, mindful productivity, mental wellness, relationships, navigating employment, healthy social media, current affairs and pretty much everything else under the sun that you feel we need to talk about when it comes to mental health.

  • Online Slack community. Join a global online community of curious, ambitious and inspirational young minds. All coming together to ignite conversations about how to live mentally healthier lives, unlock potential and create days full of purpose.

  • Members-only blog. A subscription to our triweekly MindMapper blog with self-care tips, employability tricks and hacks, finance busting myths and information and personal stories from young people around the world who look like you.

  • Special offers. Enjoy exclusive savings on the best apps, events, workshops, programmes, products and tools that allow you to live a mentally healthier life.

  • MindMapper UK involvement. As you become a part of the community we will notify you and involve you in the next steps for the platform, including our strategy and early testing of new features.  

Please note your membership is non-refundable. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us.

Want to give a membership as a gift?

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