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Join For Support, Stay For Community

Being a young adult in the 21st century can be tough. Notifications bombarding our devices daily, friends who we watch on socials but struggle to connect with, constant pressure to look like we have it all figured out. 

MindMapper is a space for young adults to connect with people who just get you. A community for curious minds who want more out of life. It’s a space to ask questions, start important discussions, and expand your mind about your wellbeing.  

We will help you find practical resources to help you manage your mental wellbeing and connect you with people and professionals that you can grow with.


Ready To Make The Most Out Of Your Mental Wellbeing?

Join hundreds of young adults on a journey to living mentally healthier.


Get one month free trial on events, content, conversations and personalised resources for your mental wellbeing. 

To access the community, you must be 18+ years old

Once you purchase a membership, we will send you an email with the next steps from

Please note, you can cancel your membership at any time but we do not offer refunds.

  • Best Value

    Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Perfect For Those Who Want To Invest In Their Mental Health
     30 day free trial
    • Access to the MindMapper Virtual Community
    • 8x Community Journalling Sessions
    • 8x Community Mindfulness Sessions
    • 4x Ask Me Anything Session with Industry Experts
    • 20x Practical Mental Health Resources
  • Yearly Membership

    Every year
    Perfect For Those Who Are Investing In Their Mental Health
     30 day free trial
    • Everything in Monthly Plan
    • Get 16% Off
    • Access to MindMapper Yearly Report and Insights
    • Ticket to Mental Health Festival on 8th October (£30)

All memberships include the following benefits:

  • Access To The MindMapper Virtual Community: Global conversations around all areas of mental wellbeing like managing stress, sleep or mindful productivity. 

  • Virtual Mindfulness Sessions: Designed to help you get more out of your week, join weekly Journaling and Meditation Sessions to help you rest, reflect and reign over your mental space.   

  • Virtual Events: Fireside talks, AskMeAnything session, Classes and Workshops around all areas of mental wellbeing to help you start, grow and take action on owning your mental space.   

  • Find personalied resources: We pull together hundreds of articles, videos, podcasts, services, and professionals to save you the headache of searching and then share them in the community every week. 


Who is the MindMapper Community for?

Most of our members are university students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and content creators. Mainly, it's for young adults who want to get better at living a mentally healthier life.  

Ready to start owning your mental space?

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