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Making Small Wins Part of Your New Normal

Would you have believed it 6 months ago if someone was to tell you that the world as we know it would literally stop functioning in two weeks? Probably not.

There’s a lot of chat about what the new normal will be like. We have been waiting for announcement after announcement about how we can get back to ‘normality’, but I suspect that actually, things will never be the same again – and that’s okay. 2020 may not be the year that you expected. It’s not been full of grand events, achievements and milestones but instead you will find that it has been made up of hundreds of small moments, emotions and experiences that have kept you going. One of the things I think 2020 has taught us is, to really appreciate the little things. As you all know, I love to find the positives in each day – it really helps when you have depression to force yourself to find the positives in the worst days.

Here are some of the ‘small wins’ I’ve had during lock down: 1) Northern Hello’s (and small talk) I love that in the North, you say hello to an absolute stranger. It’s just nice. It reminded me that it takes nothing to smile at a stranger, and it just might make their day. I certainly had plenty of smiles (even behind the masks) that made mine that little bit better. 2) Walking/ Running When we only had an hour to exercise and get out the house each day, how much did you relish that hour? You would make sure you’d make the most of when that hour was and who you’d be with so that it could be the highlight of your day. 3) Basil Faulty, ‘the Basil Plant’ and other House Plants My Dad and I have taken a real interest in looking after our house plants. We have a basil plant we named Basil Faulty, and we genuinely comment on his growth every day. We also recommend when he needs a haircut. Silly little things like Basil reminded me there is still life, and things growing and thriving despite everything that’s happening. 4) My Grandma’s Use of GIF’s The older generation and whatsapp don’t usually go together, but when they do and they throw out a GIF, it’s mind blowing. It also reminded me that we’re never too old to learn something new. 5) Small Children It’s so great just seeing children playing and enjoying the outdoors. They’re using their imaginations, going on a bear hunt or drawing pictures to put in windows. Sometimes taking us to that childlike state of mind reminds you that you don’t need a lot to have fun. There’s no limits to our imagination. 6) Using Lunch Breaks to Have a Break I discovered Mug Shots; 5 minutes to make and 1% fat. It’s been a revolution. It also has left 55 minutes to do whatever I want to do. I now close my laptop when I have lunch. That hour is mine and I’m never going to give that back when the new ‘normal’ returns. 7) The Residents of Gillow Road (aka my neighbours) My neighbours have been so sweet. I loved seeing them every Thursday when we clapped, and when I was packing my car to go back to London, they all waved me goodbye. I’ve never taken the time to appreciate that there are lots of people that happen to be on the same road that naturally lookout for one another. It is not something I’ll take for granted again. 8) Mid Day Naps Now if I’m tired at work, instead of my lunch break, I’ll take a power nap. I’m like a whole new woman when I wake up. Lockdown has allowed me listen to my body and take the time it needs to reset when I need to. 9) People being more open about how they feel at the moment So many people are speaking openly about how they feel at the moment. I feel like we are finally listening to each other when we ask ‘how are you’? It’s those mental health conversations that help so many people realise they’re not alone. So to conclude, please don’t despair completely about 2020. When you break a day down into small wins, you come to realise that maybe parts of the new normal haven’t been that bad after all.

Stay safe, and look after yourselves. Love always, Lauren x

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