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Resetting your routine

So much has changed

since this time last year,

and yet, here you are,

learning to be courageous

despite your fears.

And yes,

there are still many unknowns

but never discredit

how you’ve already grown.

Never forget the grace

you found on the journey.

Never be ashamed

if you’re still healing

and learning.

Remember the ground beneath your feet.

Remember when it all felt like too much

and you still remembered

to slow down and breathe.

You didn’t know

your life would change

in such drastic ways

and yet,

here you are,

learning to take this

day by day.

Always remember:

courage comes in many shapes.

Always remember:

you’re still growing

in meaningful ways.

Morgan Harper Nichols

The summer is coming to an end and we’re heading into a new year. Much like January, September is a fresh start, whether you’re starting a new job, college or university, you’re embarking on a new journey with endless possibilities.

The new year is a little different this year, we’re in the middle of the first global pandemic of the 21st century and things are very uncertain but don’t let that stop you from achieving your goals. 2020 is not over and if you go back to the drawing board, reassess your goals and action them, you can still have a fulfilled year.

Next Monday, I’m heading back to university. It’s my second year, so added responsibility and I’ll be attending classes via Zoom. In preparation, I’m using this week to reset my routine. The pandemic may have changed my life as a student and changed the world but it doesn’t have to change my routine.

Getting yourself back into a routine before you start your new journey gives you a bit of normality, even if it’s just eating lunch at a set time each day, something that you can control during a time of uncertainty, can do wonders for your mental wellbeing.

My tips for resetting your routine:

1. Organise your mind. Grab a piece of paper and dump all of the things you need to do by the end of the week, divide them into categories if that helps visualise them.

2. Prioritise. At the start of each day, what do you need to do first? It doesn’t need to be work or study-related. My priority at the start of the day is to read one chapter of my book before I get out of bed

3. Fix your sleep. Are you going to bed at 3am and setting an alarm for 7am but snoozing it until 8am? Set an early alarm, I recommend 7am and getting into bed for 11pm, that gives you 8 hours sleep and enough time before your 9am lecture to read, exercise, meditate, eat breakfast and write a daily to-do list before you sit down at your laptop to start working.

4. Update your trackers. Do you have a spending tracker that you haven’t updated since March? I’m guilty of this. Go back to it and fill in the missing gaps, your mind will be at ease when you know you’re on track of every aspect of your life

Until next time,


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