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Privacy Policy

Thank you for trusting MindMapper UK (website URL: We are a UK-based limited company operating under the legal name My Mind Matters Too Ltd. We exist to connect young adults to mental health support, making mental health more accessible.  


Our website was created using a website builder, Wix, and our email address ( is provided by Google. Here you can find information on the following:


  1. The Platform

  2. The Community

  3. Privacy & Data

  4. How We Use Your Data


The Platform

  1. MindMapper UK is a content aggregator which allows users to find and be matched with online or in-person resources that could benefit your mental health. Each resource and link suggested has been tried and tested by Our Team before suggesting it. 

  2. By using our screening form to be matched to mental health resources, you understand that the matches that you receive were suggested based on the information that you inputted into the screening form. The matches you receive may or may not be helpful, so if you would like to, you can retry your match until you find one that is more suitable.   

  3. Once you get matched to a resource, you may use the resource as you please. Please be respectful to the content creator however. Many of the resources that we suggest are not licensed psychological support but educational content and personal stories shared. 

  4. We do not share your data or get any commission from any of the resources that we share from the content creators. We add resources to our library after having our team try the resource themselves and assess whether it was educational, simple to understand and ultimately, benefited their mental health.

  5. MindMapper UK does not provide any mental health support, including therapy, counselling or advice. We are not licensed to do so and none of the members of our team are able to advise any user on their mental health in case of a crisis. 

  6. If you or someone you know is in a crisis and you turn to MindMapper UK for support, then please refer to our Urgent Support Page where we have listed out Call Lines, Text Lines and In-House resources that you can use.   


The Community


Using the website 

As you come on and use MindMapper UK, we ask that you show the same level of respect to other members or content creators that you might come across through MindMapper that you wish to receive. 


Joining as a member

As you become a member, you will get the chance to interact with other members online and offline. Our community connects young adults with each other to provide a peer-support system where we can learn and grow with one another. Once you become a member, you agree to help facilitate a safe space for the community to learn, grow and be themselves in. 


Providing feedback

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services. And with our vision to make mental health for young adults simpler, we want to make sure that our community works with us to make that a reality. That’s why we are encouraging you to provide your thoughts and ideas on how we can make MindMapper UK even better for you.   


Privacy & Data

Data storage

We are a UK-based company and operate web servers in the UK. This website has been created with so your information is stored on the MindMapper UK site created with Wix. However, MindMapper UK is the only collector and controller of your information.   


Screening form

As you complete our screening form, this information gets sent to our email account, This information is used for customer service enquiries only and we do not use this information for marketing or any other purposes. 



You have the option to subscribe to, or become a member of, MindMapper UK. This will automatically allow you to opt-in to our marketing communications, joining the MindMapper UK community. Your information gets stored on Wix and Mailchimp, which helps us to manage the community and create personalised messages. 


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to monitor and track the progress of the MindMapper UK website. All of the information collected on Google Analytics is anonymous and so no personal data is stored. 


Accessing or changing your data

If you would like to find out more about what data we have collected on you or you would like to edit or delete your information from our database, then please email to find out more. 


How We Use Your Data

We use your personal data in the following ways:


  1. We use it to personalise messages and communications to our users with important updates and our bi-weeekly newsletters 

  2. We use it to provide support and information when using our platform or tapping into the membership community

  3. We use it to follow up with you if you have any feedback on our website on how we can improve it for you. We value your feedback and want to make sure that we are building a platform that is community driven. 

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