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Our MindMapper Screening has been carefully designed to help us understand what mental health support you might need right now.



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MindMapper UK - is a digital platform that connects you to hundreds of existing self-help resources including podcasts, videos, articles, and more, that have been tried and approved by young adults for improving your mental health.   


We envision a world in which the biggest issue that a young person has to face when it comes to accessing mental health support, is no longer, where can I go? or how long will it take before I get seen? but

with all this choice, where do I start, today.

Mental Health Made Simple for Young Adults.


“The experience was super chilled, and my anxiety was super low. I don’t think I’ve used anything like this before. I can see where this can go, like you guys can send me a suggestion once a day and whether it’s a person or computer, I felt taken care of. It was super quick.
This is definitely the product I am most excited about.”


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