Start Building Your Mental Health Gym By Answering 10 Questions.

What is a Mental Health Gym?

​The MindMapper vision for a Mental Health Gym is a safe space where you can: 

  • Build meaningful relationships to support your mind

  • Develop a personalised mental health toolkit to strengthen your mental muscles

  • Connect with new friends who have similar mental health experiences as you to talk to and work on your mental progress

  • Get matched to resources suited to your mental health needs rather than painfully struggling to find information

  • Engage with a supportive community to share your mental health experiences and learn from the experiences of others

The MindMapper Story

In March 2020, the world went into lockdown. We were thrown into a spiral of events that stripped us away from travel plans, daily routines, and career ambitions. All chaos broke loose. Friends Damian ZabielskiMeg Zeenat Wamithi began delivering weekly zoom sessions for young adults to help them cope with the 'new normal'.


Hearing the impact these session were making, they seceretly launched MindMapper UK, a community for young adults to work on their mental health in a way that suited them.


Now, you can take your first steps as a MindMapper here:       


Our impact so far

We welcomed 25 young adults into the MindMapper community to see if this idea can work, here's what we found...

We've matched over 120 young adults to mental health support including MindBuddies, educational content, apps and services.   

93% of MindMappers improved their mental health, 

inc. anxiety, loneliness, self-awareness, & life quality after a 1 month trial.

We've impacted people located in 3 different continents around the world.

100% of the first MindMapper cohort would recommend MindMapper to a friend.

What people are saying...

Start building your Mental Health Gym!

At MindMapper we're all about making mental health easy to navigate

and simple to manage. Join a community of young adults

who want to live mentally healthier lives.

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